Tuesday, January 1, 2013

B90 Plan - Day Two

Yes, January 1 was day two for me. I got a head start by doing my first day's reading on December 31, which was probably smart since I'm already falling behind. Today's reading included the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - and I still have a couple of chapters to read. Still, I wanted to check in here, for consistency and accountability's sake.

Some thoughts on today's reading - first, Genesis 24:50 - "Laban and Bethuel answered, "This is from the Lord; we can say nothing to you one way or the other."" This really spoke to me about my mindset. If something is from the Lord, it needs no explanation or expansion or questioning from me. The Lord is in control; what do I have to add to it?

I did have a couple of questions. When the angels visited Lot in Sodom, he protected them by offering the mob of men his virgin daughters. Why was this an acceptable alternative? How could it cross his mind? These are questions I'd like to research once the 90 days are done.

Also, when the angel interacted with Abraham at the time he was going to sacrifice Isaac, the angel said repeatedly, "your son, your only son." But clearly Isaac wasn't Abraham's only son at the time. What about Ishmael? If anyone has any insight (if anyone is out there!) please let me know.

On the homefront, things are getting quite confusing. It's very strange, in that one minute I want my husband to leave, and the next I want him to hold on with all his life. I guess that's really a simplistic way of putting things. It's really a fuzzy time for me right now, and worthy of its own post, but that won't be tonight.

Off to finish this day's reading.


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